I remember being given a palette of eyeshadows for a birthday and it was my most precious possession until my younger cousin decided to smash the palette! I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup to school but my mum would always let me wear minimal makeup on weekends and to family gatherings.

I would spend ages looking through magazines recreating looks and planning what makeup to wear. I would quite happily spend hours at makeup counters swatching and touching makeup. I self taught myself for many years and then I decided to undertake formal training in 2009. I trained with the massive Youtube sensations, Pixiwoo, creators of the Real Techniques Brush range.

I specialise in bridal and event makeup and I offer personalised makeup tutorials tailored to each client. In 2010, I started my own Youtube Channel producing high quality video tutorials ranging from a simple foundation routine to Kim Kardashian inspired tutorials.

I went on to work with Laura Mercier for 3 years as a makeup artist working with different clients all over the UK and hosting events for the brand. I work closely with my brides to ensure that we create a look thats individual, reflects her style and photographs beautifully.

My bridal packages are tailored to each bride and include an in-depth skin care consultation.